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The Golden Thread and the Architect Service

To create any exemplary building requires three elements. A great CLIENT, a great CONCEPT and the winning ingredient CONTINUITY. Within our architects service DD Architects have the expertise to not only produce a great CONCEPT, but also provide the golden thread that is required in any exemplary design – CONTINUITY.

Superior Concept

A superior concept can be lost when insufficient resources are spent undertaking the detailed design phase of a building or the design is novated after planning permission is granted.

We are conservation specialists with extensive experience in undertaking commissions for historic buildings and environments; new buildings in the green belt and new buildings in conservation areas. Our team of heritage and conservation consultants understands the complexity and good judgement required to cultivate lasting and superior results.

We believe that where the context demands it, matching the dominant architectural language in a scholarly manner is essential.  But where contemporary work of the highest quality can complement a building or area, we delight in designing innovative buildings.

Our Services include

  • Conservation, repair and adaptation of historic buildings
  • Negotiation and consultation at planning stage.
  • New buildings for sensitive sites
  • Historic building appraisals and surveys
  • Conservation management plans
  • Development and feasibility reports
  • Sustainable Building advice
  • Eco design as an Eco architect
  • Historical research and analysis

We pride ourselves in having the ability to not only have an exemplary idea but also produce the creative and design expertise within our architects service to transform the concept into a working habitable and fully usable sustainable energy efficient eco-friendly building. We thrive in our role as both Eco Architects, Sustainable Architects and Conservation Architects and delight in combining these specialisms whilst also offering advice and expertise in planning related matters.

To find out how we can assist in your project, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.