Sketches From Around The World

Conrad A B Howard has travelled extensively through Asia and South America by car, coach and best of all bicycle. He recently cycled up part of the Himalayas travelling on average 100Km a day uphill, stopping to refuel, sketch and chat to the locals. On his travels he always takes time out to sketch the local vernacular buildings and places. This has always proven the best way to get to know the locals, initially through the curiosity of their children and then through intrigue and fun.

All of the sketchs have been undertaken directly from eye to paper using a single 0.3mm ink pen. Different thicknesses and strengths of line were created by adding a further one or two lines directly ontop of or next to the line already created. In a few occasions different inks were used to create a different effect. Each sketch took between 1 and 2 hrs to complete, making sure the image was an accurate artists portrayal. Time is never wasted when getting to know the local peoples and their children.

On many occasions we choose to present the design drawings for some of the projects by hand to ensure that the required effect is portrayed in the final image. Without exception we always present our sketch ideas in the hand drawn form. We tend to jump between CAD images and sketch images as the project progresses to ensure that our ideas are portrayed accurately.

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