Paxhill Poolhouse

New Pool House For Grade 11 Listed Building

Paxhill is a Grade II designated heritage asset, originally of 1606, but substantially altered and enlarged in 1865. It is listed as Parkhill Park Nursing Home and the associated Coach House, Gazebo, Gate Piers and Garden Walls are listed independently at Grade II. The proposed pool house is of modest scale and complementary design, and discretely located some distance from the principal listed building, where it nestles comfortably in the graded topography of the site. It is also well removed from the associated listed structures within the curtilage of Paxhill. The pool and building have been sited a sufficient distance from the established trees to have limited impact; The new building will result in no harm to either the historic significance of the adjacent listed buildings or the visual quality of the landscaped setting and is supported by the local authority.

Planning and Listed Building consent granted on the 23rd December 2014

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