Downside Meadows

NPPF 55 Design

We have been commissioned to design a new house under the auspices of the new NPPF paragraph 55 – Proposed Dwelling of Exceptional Quality and Innovative Design (PPS7 Or Paragraph 55 of the NPPF)

This is a partially underground environmentally sustainable, zero carbon dwelling, emulating the contours of the South Downs with associated landscaping and increased biodiversity.

It is the aim of this application to meet the requirements of the new NPPF in its full capacity by combining elegance of design with efficiency; modern technology and cutting edge design with traditional building techniques and natural materials.

The house has been designed to ensure that there is a sensitive relationship with its surrounding landscape, emulating the hills that dominate, whilst ensuring that the topography of the land and the panoramic views are fully respected and appreciated.

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