The Pines

Extensive Remodelling Of A Family House

The remodelling of this family house involved extensive alteration using the Arts and Crafts theme that was prevalent in the original architecture of the existing house. The accomodation was almost doubled in size with the addition of an inside swimming pool and associated rooms, a snug room and three further bedrooms.

The swimming pool was also used as a heat dump to enable large solar thermal panels to be used in conjunction with underfloor heating. This enabled solar thermal water heating to be used for 100% of the space and water heating in the property. In the hot months the excess heating was dumped into the large volume of water in the swimming pool. Without a pool or another method of dumping surplus heat it is not possible to have 100% heating from a solar thermal source.

The main entrance was also remodelled by moving the stair location and adding prominance to its location.

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