43 King Street

Oldest Surviving Building In Covent Garden

Russell House is named after its first owner, Lord Russell, First Lord of the Admiralty, whose town mansion it was. DD Architects were part of the team of architects and historic buildings consultants for complete refurbishment of the 1716 Grade II* building, by the Baroque architect Thomas Archer, the oldest surviving in Covent Garden Piazza. As found, the building had suffered removal of the entire ground floor and cosmetic ‘restoration’ in the 1970s which perpetuated the degradations.

Once the scope of restoration was conceived, DD Architects consulted on the project for nearly 2 years. Numerous challenges included restoring original floor levels, cleaning 30 layers of paint from the stonework, reinstating the stone plinth, portico, entrance hall and other features, removing disfiguring alterations, designing new flats and retail units. A full Conservation Plan was prepared to guide this difficult and complex project. Evidence employed in the conservation included, old engravings, original drawings, old photographs and non-destructive investigation.

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