Hastings Tower

RIBA Sponsored Project

We were invited by the Royal Institute of British Architects to develop a scheme to encourage the regeneration of Hastings. The scheme called ‘So Create A Difference Hastings, was undertaken to revitalise a place in the town and participate in a community workshop at the resulting exhibition.

Our scheme is proposing to reminisce and recreate the engineering marvels of the Victorian period by rebuilding the square kype of Hastings castle at the edge of Ladies Parlour in the form of a tower with steps to nowhere. This will enable unbroken views over the entire town and directly onto the largest beach launched fishing fleet in Europe, famously painted by Turner. Steps are to be carved out of the solid square blocks. Each block balanced precariously on top of the other. The tower will rise at the edge of the West Hill cliff edge and sit precariously over the town. A walk up the steps will not be for the faint hearted.

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