132 Church Road

New Luxury Flat ontop of Existing Building

The proposed luxury flat was set back some distance from the edge of the existing parapet to give prominance and elegance to the roof form and structure, with a whole wall of folding slidding doors on the North Eastern corner of the building that could be opened up in the summer months giving a feeling that one was part of the city.

Structural engineers were consulted at an early stage to ensure that the roof form and open plan spaces could be built ontop of the existing building by using only the existing structural walls as supports.

Oak flooring with underfloor heating was installed as standard throughout the main areas. Louvres were designed for the rooftop patio to ensure shadding in the hot summer months, parklex was used for the rainscreen cladding system, with extra insulation added to the walls, floor and roof to ensure that the building performed well above standard requirements.

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