Fleur De Lys – Permission Received

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The site comprises of a semi-detached building and ancillary outbuilding, situated within a generally rural area south of Haslemere town centre, in close proximity to a light industrial area (timber-yard). Haslemere is a town within the borough of Waverley, Surrey. Haslemere is located towards the southwestern corner of the County and has borders with both Hampshire and West Sussex. The site lies to the south and west of the town centre. Fleur de Lys is the west end of a Grade II listed building that is divided into two dwellings the eastern part is named Old Bramhyl.

The rear extension is proposed to occupy a small sunken yard to the rear of the building. This yard, being small and to the north of the building, is of a dank and unpleasant appearance.

This subterranean level places the extension roof at only some 1.2 metres above garden ground level. It will have a contemporary appearance with a flat zinc roof having a central rooflight. The above-ground elevation will appear as a margin of glazing.

The proposal will be an independent structure and will make only lightweight connection to the main house. The existing stone walls of the house will remain exposed within the extension. The proposal, which will be reversible, will make more salubrious use of a presently uninspiring sunken courtyard, and will intrude only slightly in views from the rear.

The proposed vernacular extension and dormer window incorporate traditional, local forms and materials but are detailed and re-engineered in a contemporary way. The materials have been chosen to reflect the local vernacular and will all be sourced locally (brick, lead and timber). The choice of materials has developed from the contemporary reinterpretation of the local vernacular, enhancing the character of the area.

  1. Lead Roofing
  2. Glazing
  3. Handmade Bricks, a mixture of red colours and dark headers to match existing (Flemish Bond)