Historic Building Consultant

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Conservation/adaptation – Conservation Architect

We are accredited by the RIBA as Conservation architects and pride ourselves as also being Sustainable Eco Architects with extensive experience in undertaking commissions for historic buildings refurbishment and buildings in Conservation Areas using Green Eco Sustainable Building methods. Complexity and good judgement is the utmost requirement to create lasting and superior results.

Refurbishment to include Eco Design

Green Sustainable Eco Design doesn’t just mean energy efficiency. It also includes traditional, renewable or reused materials whilst also giving the building the ability to adapt to modern changing requirements and therefore avoid waste or unnecessary expense.

The carbon ‘footprint’ in producing an artificial material or a common material such as concrete or steel can be far greater than using a natural one like stone or wood due to the energy expended in the creation of the raw material.

We recommend the use of wood from renewable accredited sustainable sources as well as other natural green eco products.

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