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Use DD Architects

If you are intending on a new build, extending or altering an existing building and wish to consider quality and value for money, it would be advisable to consult a professional conservation architect who shares your concerns. As an experienced Sustainable Conservation architect we will understand your hopes and anxieties, and will help your vision to be translated into reality. If you use DD Architects you will take advantage of the overwhelming success and expertise that we have acquired in listed building matters, planning related matters and Sustainable Eco Architecture working in our expert role as a conservation architect. We can lift your project out of the ordinary. Anyone can make changes to a building. It takes an expert to do it with confidence, flair, style and imagination. When altering a heritage building, we provide specialist expertise to ensure that the work benefits the buildings character.

When you use DD Architects we can find the extra space and light you didn’t know you had, suggest relevant materials you hadn’t thought of, make sure the right products are specified and find you the right builder at the right price.

As experienced Conservation Architects we know the industry and its organisation and can advise and guide you through the web of obligations, regulations and rules connected with listed and planning matters, building and monitoring the construction through to completion.

We will interpret your ideas and requirements and lead you through the process to the finished building. A good working relationship between architect and client is crucial to the success of a project and should be firmly secured by an agreement that clearly defines costs, procedures and services.

To find out how we can assist in your project, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.