Contemporary Dwellings

6 Dual aspect Contemporary properties

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This scheme proposes the construction of 6 dual aspect Terraced properties of contemporary design oriented East-West to provide sufficient daylight and sunlight, whilst avoiding overheating, minimising overshadowing and maximising the usability of outside amenity space. Each dwelling has been designed with adequate and easily accessible storage space that supports the separate collection of dry recyclables and food.

The landscaping of the site has been softened by the use of a shared surface treatment in materials to include SuDS Grass paving and Herringbone Brickwork, whilst the introduction of vegetation will further soften the main access to the site, allowing natural drainage of surface water and improving local air quality.

Increased Biodiversity

The proposal also increases the biodiversity by creating new habitats and ecological enhancements. It is proposed to add a variety of native trees and shrubs along the western and eastern borders providing new habitats and vegetation, which will connect to the wider ecological and green infrastructure networks. The four existing trees surrounding the site will remain and will work with the proposed planting screen.


Although Hounslow Road and Prospect Crescent both exhibit an East-West orientation; they do however both have a slightly different North-South alignment. The intervention has been designed to respect both alignments whilst attracting the maximum solar gain.


The building line between the neighbouring properties of Hounslow Road and Prospect Crescent are not totally aligned. To achieve unity both of the building lines have been incorporated into the proposed development in a creative and innovative way – thus achieving a sense of harmony. The Frontage to the properties are aligned to an East-West orientation to reflect the orientation of Hounslow Rd, whilst the properties cumulatively and successively step back to reflect the frontage of Prospect Crescent.


Traditional bay windows are a design characteristic of the properties fronting Hounslow road. Bay windows can optimise daylight and sunlight and allow buildings to be closer together than can otherwise be achieved.

Contemporary Bay WindowsContemporary Bay Windows

A modern contemporary interpretation of these windows, combined with the flat roofed entrance porch of the semi-detached properties at the entrance to the development in collaboration with the modern box dormers to the rear of the properties on both Hounslow Road and Prospect Crescent have been reinterpreted into a contemporary way creating an aesthetically pleasing form for the proposed intervention that sits comfortably within and between these two attractive roads.


Each dwelling is separated from its neighbour by a parapet party wall to reflect the characteristics of the area and lend a vertical emphasis to the facades of the proposed development adding a sense of rhythm to the Back land street scene. Existing & Proposed Parapet Party Walls Highlighted.

Contemporary Parapet Party WallsContemporary Parapet Party Walls


Hounslow Road and Prospect Crescent identify a strong sense of character through the use of yellow stock London Brick and slate. The proposed development is based on a similar palette, although the dark grey of the slate is complemented with the use of a contemporary standing seam zinc cladding. This provides an elegant contrast to the more ‘solid’ appearance of the traditional materials. None-the-less there is still some semblance of harmony between new and existing and the compatibility of materials are based on colour, texture and scale of use. The New development has a strong identity based on the limited selection of materials.

Contemporary use of Traditional MaterialsContemporary use of Traditional Materials

Contrast between properties is achieved through iterations of the same theme creating alternative solutions using the same materials in complementary tones rather than using complicated and chaotic arrangements of different materials that often have no relationship to each other.

Tesla Slate tiles have the appearance of ordinary slate tiles and will look no different to the slate tiles that still exist on the surrounding properties along Hounslow Rd and Prospect Crescent. In combination with a power wall the Tesla Slate tiles, will provide all the electrical needs of each of the properties.