What a great design for a Custom Built bike

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Great Design attracts great praise

Very Modern Design

Custom Built BikeI very much enjoy cycling and have always been interested in new designs that are somehow formulated out of the ether by very gifted individuals. Cycling along and over the downs is something that cyclists undertake on a regular basis. During the five or so years that we have been based in and around Ditchling I have only seen one or two alternative designs for bikes. On a beautifully hot later-september afternoon I was drifting through Ditchling and happened upon this wonderful Custom Built Bike – with of course the owner attached to the saddle.

Mike Hickman and his Custom Built Bike

Custom Built Bike by Mike HickmanWe stopped and chatted and to my great surprise it turned out that the Custom Built Bike had been designed and manufactured by the very owner that was attached to the saddle. Mike Hickman turned out to be a very friendly and unassuming man who obviously has a passion for both cycling and engineering. From the basic chat that I had with Mike Hickman the design has been formulate to enable most users to optimise their performance by optimising the ride position. It is not necessarily a lightweight frame or expensive gear set, chain set, pedals, wheels, tyres and handle bars that increase the ease of cycling. As a cyclist I know that the angle and height of the seat above the pedals (this is the optimum cycling position) can increase the ease of cycling which in turn increases the pleasure of cycling and of course the speed and distance that it is possible to travel. To get a better grip and to understand the complexities, technical and conceptual details of the bike please go to www.hickman.bike. Hopefully we will see a lot more of these bikes on the open road.